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Maotai Kitchen (農家大院), Chinatown, London W1

Good afternoon RGL crew! It's September, and that means there's a whole bunch of exciting new Good Beer Guide updates in store for next week.

But you'll have to be patient! Here's this week's featured article for Maotai Kitchen in Chinatown. There you can eat a Villagers' Spicy Bowl, filled with spam, pig's blood, tripe, fungus and presumably some degree of spiciness.

We have a new article for the Station Tavern in Brimsdown (that's up near Enfield), a pub with a sensible attitude to lime and soda pricing. There's also an update for the nearby King and Tinker, although 'nearby' is fairly relative once you get out near the M25. In fact there's an entire golf course and a country park between the two pubs, so 'nearby' in this instance really means 'share the first two letters of their postcodes', HOWEVER by my calculations they are only 0.000000000000510334 light years apart which is hardly anything in the grand scheme of things.

Finally, Pogo Cafe has closed (but is apparently soon to re-open as a different vegan cafe), as has the East Molesey branch of Nicolas wine merchants.
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This week's featured article is Silk Road, SE5 8TR, a Chinese restaurant in Camberwell offering food from Xinjiang, a province in the far northwest of China.

One of the characteristic dishes of Xinjiang is big-plate chicken (大盤雞), a stew of chicken and potatoes in a rich, savoury gravy. Silk Road's rendition is pretty good, but huge, so take lots of friends with you!

Recent additions to RGL include Bibimbap Soho, a Korean restaurant on Greek Street; and the Hoop and Grapes, a Nicholson's pub in Aldgate.

We've also updated several older pub writeups: the Old Wheatsheaf and Moon Under Water in Enfield; the King's Head and King's Ford in Chingford, and the Green Dragon in Croydon.

One reported closure: Noodle Oodle (previously Inn Noodle) on Oxford Street. Their Queensway branch remains open.


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