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Chang's Noodle, Bloomsbury, London WC1

Evening all!

This week's featured article is for Chang's Noodle on New Oxford Street. Their intriguingly-named Man and Wife offal turns out to include some spicy tripe! It feels like ages since we featured tripe on the RGL blog, doesn't it? If that doesn't get your mouth watering, there are plenty of other Northern Chinese dishes to try - the pork belly with shredded cucumber and the baked buns sound pretty good.

There's a new page for the Meantime Beer Box, located just outside the O2 in Greenwich. Meantime may not be quite so locally-focused as they used to be, but their beers are all present and correct in this bar, including some experimental ones.

Last but not least, we have an update to the Rockingham Arms, aka the Elephant & Castle Wetherspoons (housed in the former Ministry of Health headquarters, the Grade II listed Metro Central Heights). Given the location I would say it's a good Spoons for bus spotting, but the outside space is a bit limited and it's hard to see out from inside.
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Central Restaurant, Finchley, London N3

Afternoon everyone, and Happy New Year!

This week's featured article is for Central Restaurant in Finchley, serving Romanian and Eastern European food, including sheep pastrami and tripe soup! I know you've all been wondering how to get your 2015 off to a tripey start - where better than Finchley?

There's also a new article for Domali, a veggie-friendly cafe in Crystal Palace. They have vegan bacon, decent chips and feature work by local artists on the walls. You are unlikely to find tripe here.
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Finger Licking, Croydon, London CR0

Hello all!

This week's featured article is for Finger Licking, CR0 2RB, a small Ghanaian restaurant close to West Croydon Station. They do takeaway boxes that may or may not include tripe, according to your tripe preference!

Three new articles this week, all for restaurants: Panda in Leytonstone specialises in dim sum with some Sichuan dishes too, while Abuja Connection in Crystal Palace does some interesting-sounding traditional Nigerian food, including fried plantain, egusi stew and - yes, you've guessed it - tripe! Although on their last visit our intrepid reporters preferred the chicken instead. Fischer's in Marylebone is a shiny new Viennese 'cafe' that would love you to believe it was still the 1930s. It's certainly a pleasant environment in which to tuck into your schnitzel*, and most importantly, my Mum likes it a lot.

There are a few pub updates following recent visits: the Postal Order Wetherspoons in Crystal Palace, the Trafalgar in South Wimbledon (which has had a revamp for the better) and Birkbeck Tavern in Leyton.

Finally, the Capitol Wetherspoons in Forest Hill is set to close, although exactly when this will happen is still a mystery.

*I spent at least ten minutes trying to find a pun here and failed - jokes about Austrian food are the würst.
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Genesis cinema
(Image © diamond geezer, used under Creative Commons)

Morning all! A brief update this week to let you know about this week's featured article for the Genesis Cinema in Stepney, which was certainly one of the better things I recall about living in Mile End several years ago, and has been spruced up since then. You can find all RGL's cinema entries (for both independently-run and chain cinemas) on the Cinemas Category page.

There's also a new article for Finger Licking, a small Ghanaian restaurant by West Croydon station that also does takeaway. The honeycomb tripe comes recommended by our Tripe Correspondent, so perhaps I'll make the trip down there for the Ghanaian leg of the 2014 Dining World Cup? (If anyone has any restaurant suggestions for Bosnia-Herzegovina I'd be very grateful...)
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Maotai Kitchen (農家大院), Chinatown, London W1

Good afternoon RGL crew! It's September, and that means there's a whole bunch of exciting new Good Beer Guide updates in store for next week.

But you'll have to be patient! Here's this week's featured article for Maotai Kitchen in Chinatown. There you can eat a Villagers' Spicy Bowl, filled with spam, pig's blood, tripe, fungus and presumably some degree of spiciness.

We have a new article for the Station Tavern in Brimsdown (that's up near Enfield), a pub with a sensible attitude to lime and soda pricing. There's also an update for the nearby King and Tinker, although 'nearby' is fairly relative once you get out near the M25. In fact there's an entire golf course and a country park between the two pubs, so 'nearby' in this instance really means 'share the first two letters of their postcodes', HOWEVER by my calculations they are only 0.000000000000510334 light years apart which is hardly anything in the grand scheme of things.

Finally, Pogo Cafe has closed (but is apparently soon to re-open as a different vegan cafe), as has the East Molesey branch of Nicolas wine merchants.


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