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Squires, Dagenham, London RM9

Hello, and another late post from me, apologies.

For the featured article this week we are venturing to remotest Dagenham for Nigerian restaurant Squires, RM9 5AQ. It has an interesting menu with such things as pounded yam and moi moi, and it probably has a nice chicken and rice if they've remembered to stock up.

Just two new articles. The Greenwich Pensioner is a pub in Poplar, though apparently none too popular (groan). Go there to stare at a shark's head if you dare.

Also, in the same area is Sichuan Kitchen, which could have used more pepper in their food.
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Ashburnham Arms, Greenwich, London SE10

The featured article this week is The Ashburnham Arms, SE10 8UH, a small Shepherd Neame pub in Greenwich with good fresh beer. However, it does seem as if the locals prefer wine. None of that craft beer guff here.

There are fully four new pages this week: Cote d'Azur, a French-Mauritian fusion restaurant in southern Croydon (try the crab soup); Squires, a Nigerian restaurant in Dagenham (look out for some pounded yam); Upney Cafe, a greasy spoon in Barking (you know what to expect); and The Royal Albert in Crystal Palace. This last one is another traditional locals' pub, though there are increasing numbers of locals who probably want something more gastro, so hopefully it will hold out for a bit yet.

Finally, the David Lean Cinema in Croydon has reopened in its original location of the Clocktower.
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Eastbrook, Dagenham, RM10

Afternoon RGL crew!

This week's featured article is for the Eastbrook in Dagenham, a big old Good Beer Guide pub that has one of those ever-harder-to-find elements: a pub carpet! The whole building is rather lovely, as you can see from the photo above.

Also out Eastwards we have a new article for the Widow's Son in Bow, which seems like it's in need of a bit of TLC. There is no pub carpet here, unfortunately.

My co-blogger Ewan has been hard at work revamping our cinema articles! Shortwave in Bermondsey, the Mile End Genesis, and the Cineworlds in Shaftesbury Avenue, West India Quay and the Haymarket all have updates. The Genesis in particular has gone through a big revamp since I last went there in 2006, to see the timeless Samuel L. Jackson classic Snakes On A Plane. What a film! I can't believe Ewan hasn't reviewed it on his film blog?

Finally for this week, Tai Pan in Limehouse has closed, as has Mirch Masala on Commerical Road.
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East Meets West, Croydon, London CR0

Afternoon all,

This week's featured article is for East Meets West, a restaurant in Croydon's Wing Yip complex specialising in Dongbei food, with some Sichuan dishes chucked in for good measure. The deep-fried lotus root sounds good to me!

There's a new article for the Premiere Cinema in Romford, although it's a little sparse at the moment. According to the cinema's website, tickets for everything are just £4! Sounds like a bargain to me. I would definitely go and see Liam Neeson receiving a series of cryptic text messages demanding that he instruct the government to transfer $150 million into into an off-shore account otherwise a passenger on his flight will be killed every 20 minutes for £4, although I'm not sure Liam is supposed to have his phone switched on during standard commercial flights.

Finally, there's an update to the article for the Eastbrook pub in Dagenham, which happily falls on the cheaper side of the lime and soda pricing divide. They've also got a shellfish stall outside. I wonder if they do WHELKS?


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