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At some point between 19:00 and 20:00 on the 24th nimbus the server that RGL runs on will be rebooted.

This should not take too long but RGL might not be there for a few minutes
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RGL is unavailable! Oh noes!

[personal profile] bob says: "The fact that I can't get to the remote administration console suggests that it's either a nuclear strike or a network failure at our hosting provider. And I suspect we would have noticed a nuclear strike."

So it's not a problem with RGL itself, and hopefully will be resolved soon.

Update: 7 minutes after I post this... it's back!

Re-update: And it's gone again, and back again, and... I think it's time to go to bed.

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This evening from 21:30 nimbus (the machine rgl is on) will be physically moving to a new datacentre. This means rgl will be down. Things should be back by 01:00. If not they should be back by the morning.
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A couple of hours ago I made RGL live again. Everything should be working if not leave a comment here or mail There is a slight problem with some characters being double encoded but apart from that its all good hopefully.
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Well, I missed my self imposed deadline of getting RGL back last night.

I actually have the site up and running but not visible to the outside world yet. Things have been slightly complicated by changing from postgresql to mysql as the database backend. This is causing issues with some of our custom scripts which rely on the way postgresql works.

The change to mysql should hopefully stop the random downtimes we were seeing before.

Im now hoping to have things back by Tuesday.
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Good news re the ongoing server issues — [personal profile] bob will be racking (physically installing) a new server this afternoon. Full RGL service won't be back immediately, but he hopes to get that sorted out by Friday evening if not sooner.

In the meantime, the non-editable mirror at has full functionality (apart from editing, obviously), and all RGL URLs redirect to the appropriate page there.

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So at about midnight last night I finally got a read only mirror up and running on
I would have announced this earlier but as [personal profile] kake said I'm a bit busy at work currently. Sorry about the delay.

Now to make the main site redirect to the mirror instead of giving an error message.


Oct. 6th, 2010 09:35 pm
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Having found a script with my hostname at and then remembering my numeric user id I have restored and verified a backup of the database from yesterday morning. So the data is safe.

I hope to have a non-editable mirror running on an amazon ec2 instance up soon. Hopefully at some point this evening.
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As you may have noticed, RGL is currently down. This is because nebula, the server it runs on, is having problems, and unfortunately [personal profile] bob is in the middle of a very busy period at work so hasn't been able to sort it out yet. We're very sorry about this.

Hopefully the cause is simply that it's got overwhelmed by a DDOS or something similar (an attempt to bring a website down by sending it too many requests) and is sitting there spinning its gears not knowing what to do — rather than a disk failure which could lose us data. If it does turn out to be the latter, we have relatively recent offsite backups thanks to [ profile] therealdrhyde, and I also have copies of all new pages added since the date of the most recent offsite backup.

Summary: No need to panic, very sorry for the downtime, will keep you updated as and when I have more news.


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