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Kenya Coffee House, Romford, London RM1

Featured this week is Kenya Coffee House, RM1 1ED. Your intrepid RGL friends have ventured to furthest Romford for Kenyan food and report back that it is good. You may go for the Christian soft rock, but stay for the excellent creamed spinach with your tilapia. They also do coffee.

New articles are: Villagers Sausages, providing sausages to the villagers of, er, Beckenham, and I seem to recall that I went there once years ago and yes the sausages are very good; and The Horse and Stables, a pub near Lambeth North that used to be called just The Horse, and remains fairly bland.

Reported permanent closures are two Vietnamese places in Deptford (Cafe @Migo in Deptford and West Lake) and Inshoku Japanese restaurant out the back of Waterloo, clearly not trendy enough for modern dining needs.

Finally, we have a reopening in the form of Panda Panda in Deptford, just slightly rebalancing the number of Vietnamese places in the area.
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Bruce Castle Museum

Afternoon RGLers!

This week's featured article is for Bruce Castle Museum in Tottenham. As far as we know Bruce Springsteen doesn't live there and it's not actually a castle, but misnomers aside it's a great resource centre for local history, with unexploded bombs and Roman artifacts.

New on RGL is Kenya Coffee House, a more logically-named Kenyan restaurant and coffee shop in Romford that serves Kenyan speciality dishes such as ugali and mukimo. There's also a new page for Albert's Table, an allergy-friendly bistro in Croydon, serving modern British cuisine.

Finally, there's an update to the article for the Golden Lion pub in Romford, which has TEN handpumps - one for each dot in a tetractys! Pythagoras would be chuffed to hear it, I'm sure.


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