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Hackbridge Cafe, Hackbridge, London SM6

Afternoon RGL crew!

This week's featured article is for the Hackbridge Cafe in sunny Hackbridge. They serve greasy spoon breakfasts with just the right amount of grease, and pay close attention to how long your teabag is brewing for.

There are updates to two pubs: the Goldsmiths Arms in East Acton, and the King's Arms in Ealing. The Goldsmiths seems to be a case of quantity over quality, but the King's Arms has plenty of beer and a perfectly reasonable Thai buffet. If I were equidistant between the two, I know which pair of arms I'd run towards.

Finally, staying in West London, Coco Noodle Bar in Ealing has closed, and is now a sushi restaurant.
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The Cafe Below, St Paul's, London EC2

Evening all!

This week's featured article is for Cafe Below, a cafe in the crypt of St Mary Le Bow church in Cheapside. It may be underground but it's still around 28 metres above sea level (according to this altitude finding tool). An unusual spot worth investigating for lunch in the City, with decent veggie options.

We've got a handful of new articles too: the Hackbridge Cafe is an above-average greasy spoon in the eponymous South West London suburb; Viet Rest in Deptford has a fish tank, and does a great glutinous rice with pork (among other Vietnamese treats); Tram Stop is a small, child-friendly cafe in Addiscombe, with a good view of the passing trams.

Finally, The Bookworm bookshop in Carshalton has closed.


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