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Bombay Burrito

Hello RGL readers!

This week's featured article is for Bombay Burrito, EC1V 7JL, a cheap and cheerful burrito joint in Angel that puts chickpeas and curry sauce into the burrito instead of your usual Mexican-themed beans and salsa. It's a great place to pick up a quick dinner post-pub or pre-cinema (or vice-versa). Though be warned - it shuts early on Saturdays.

Plenty of fresh items on the menu this week - we have two new bookshop articles for Woolfson and Tay in Southwark (which has recently moved premises from Bermondsey Square) and Kew Bookshop, handily located in Kew (next to Kew Gardens tube station). There are also new pages for Meze Bar and Grill in Eastcote (free bread), the Well gastropub in Clerkenwell (expensive food but great starters), Maotai Kitchen in Chinatown (tasty spam and black fungus) and the New Fairlop Oak, a large Wetherspoons in Fullwell Cross (with stained glass windows).

There's also been an update to the page for the Ascott, a Greene King pub in Eastcote which was refurbished a couple of years ago and as such no longer has a dartboard!

Last but not least, the Mr Cad camera shop has moved from Croydon all the way to Victoria. That is a pretty hefty zoom by any standards...
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Nincomsoup, Old Street Station, London EC1

This week's seasonal featured article is a fast-food soup restaurant, Nincomsoup, EC1Y 1BE, located in the subways by Old Street station.

There are no new articles, but there's an update to Akari, a Japanese restaurant on Essex Road in Islington. There are also several transport-related updates: Farringdon station (the main exit is temporarily closed, but there's a new National Rail entrance on Cowcross Street and extended platforms); Blackfriars station (there's a new entrance on the South Bank); Victoria station (escalator refurbishment is complete); and Kensington (Olympia) station (District Line services have been restricted).

Some pubs have been renamed: The Rugby Inn (formerly the Grand Union) in Twickenham; The Clarendon (formerly The Nobody Inn) at Newington Green; and The Ascott (formerly The Manor) in Eastcote.

Also, The Fox pub in Twickenham has now reopened.


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