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Welcome back to another week where we plunge ourselves into the pubs, restaurants and shops of London.

Woolwich Equitable, Woolwich, London SE18

This week our featured article is a watering hole, The Woolwich Equitable, located in a former building society headquarters (guess which one) and run by the Antic pub company. It tones down on their usual quirk and has some decent food and music which is not too loud in the afternoon.

Three new articles are Shadi Bakery in West Croydon, good for all your naan needs, Coughlan's Bakery in Wallington, good for your lunchtime sarnie needs, and Little Bar in Tooting, which is indeed very little and offers bottled beers, wines and cocktails.

There's a significant update to The Elephant and Castle pub in the lovely Elephant and Castle area, again taken over by Antic.

Finally the reported permanent closure of The Dignity, one of the few pubs near Finchley Central, and pretty decent one too. But gone now. Gone.
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Central Restaurant, Finchley, London N3

Afternoon everyone, and Happy New Year!

This week's featured article is for Central Restaurant in Finchley, serving Romanian and Eastern European food, including sheep pastrami and tripe soup! I know you've all been wondering how to get your 2015 off to a tripey start - where better than Finchley?

There's also a new article for Domali, a veggie-friendly cafe in Crystal Palace. They have vegan bacon, decent chips and feature work by local artists on the walls. You are unlikely to find tripe here.
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Welcome friends!

Door Hinge, Welling, London DA16

This week's featured article is The Door Hinge, DA16 1TR in Welling. It's a micropub, something new in the London area (and yes, Welling is technically London), but part of a new fashion in pubs. (There's even one in Nunhead now, if you want to try a micropub closer to the centre.) Needless to say, this first London effort in Welling offers many fine smaller independent breweries with casks on stillage, and a few seats.

New articles are After Taste Chinese takeaway by the Elephant and Castle, which our RGL correspondent calls a silly name, but perhaps given the food confusion it is apt. We also have a page for Central Restaurant in Finchley Church End, a rather large Romanian restaurant.


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